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“There’s no other company like Talio in Queensland.”

Brisbane-headquartered Talio began operations in 2013, making it one of Queensland’s newest facilities management companies. We’re also the only facilities management company to offer a commercial concierge service.

Our customised services help businesses run smoothly behind the scenes. While we don’t dispose of bodies and we really can’t fix the mother-in-law situation, there’s not at lot else that Talio can’t help you with.

Unlike most companies, we always puts the client before profit. It might seem crazy but the brains and heart behind Talio think it’s a good for business long-term. For our clients, it simply means they know we will always offer the cheapest and most effective solutions to suit their business’ specific needs.

So, no matter the size of your company, or the sector, give Talio a call today. Let us show you an easier and economical way to manage your facilities.


commercial concierge service


Nathan Schokker

Director and Facilities Manager

Talio founder Nathan Schokker, has almost 15 years’ experience in Facilities Management. He began his career while still a student, working as a commercial cleaner. Following stints in general maintenance and gardening, Nathan worked his way up to National Operational Manager for a large facilities management company.

When you work with Talio, you can expect Nathan to be hands on and there in person to discuss the services you need.


Talio works with clients from a range of sectors. We’re optimising services for premises in hospitality and health as well as industrial and commercial sites.

"Talio have continued to exceed our expectations since their appointment as our Property Maintenance Managers. As the one stop shop for all of our cleaning, air conditioning, car park, and general common area landscaping, Talio has allowed me to concentrate on our core business without having to worry about tradespeople turning up or completing substandard works."

“Talio has allowed me to concentrate
on our core business...”

John Christophersen
General Manager, Pronamics

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Call us.

0432 504 801

Nathan Schokker

Facilities Manager


integrated facilities management and commercial concierge services