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6 tips on how to get your bond back

A rental bond is a security deposit you pay at the start of a tenancy and is lodged with the RTA.

Getting your bond back is probably going to be your biggest concern when vacating a property.

The Residential Tenancy Authority Queensland states on its website that at the end of a tenancy the tenant must return the property to the same condition it was in at the start of the tenancy.

Normal use and ageing may affect the condition of a rental property over time, and fair wear and tear should be considered when assessing the condition of the property.

1. Compare your property to your condition report

Your condition report should list (along with photos) any faults your property had when you moved in. Use your condition report as a reference point to provide a clearer picture of what you need to do when you vacate.

If a property doesn’t match up to the condition report and there is damage that isn’t considered to be wear and tear, like holes etc. then getting your full bond back will be difficult.

2. Obtain a checklist from your property manager

Ask your property manager for a checklist, so you know exactly what they expect when a tenant vacates a property.  In terms of cleaning, make sure you tick off every single item on the checklist.

3. Have a pre-vacate inspection

Your property manager’s interpretation of “good condition” could be very different from yours so ask them to inspect the property before you vacate. They can then advise you on areas you’ll need to address in order to receive your full bond back.

4. Hire an exit cleaning specialist

Hiring a cleaner will cost money, but it’s money you will likely have to spend anyway, especially if your property manager is unhappy with parts of the property you’ve cleaned yourself.

From steam cleaning carpets, which is mandatory, to full kitchen, full bathroom, walls, power points, floors, windows, and blinds, an exit cleaning specialist such as Talio will know the standards expected by the property agent.

Once cleaned, take photos of the premises and keep copies of cleaning receipts.You can help cut the cost of the exit clean by first giving the property a quick clean yourself once you have moved your things out.

5. Take photos and keep cleaning receipts

Because things can change in those few days after you’ve moved; leaves can fall, dust can settle – it’s important that you take photos/video of the condition of the property on the day your tenancy ends and hand back the keys.

You may also wish to complete your own condition report so you have a record of your opinion of the condition of the property.

6. Be present at the final inspection

If you cannot go along, appoint a representative to be there on your behalf and request that the agent send you a copy of the condition report no later than the day after the final inspection was conducted. 

It’s also a good idea to take your cleaning products, sponge, broom etc. to the final inspection with you in case there are any last minute things to touch up.

For more information on how to get your bond back, head to the RTA website: www.rta.qld.gov.au